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Welcome to this page.

In this page i have added a childrens ministry manual , written by Mark Tittley from South Africa. It is my hope and prayer that this information will prove useful to you and your ministry, and that you, your church and the children will benefit from this manual.


Chapter 1: Understanding Children
Chapter 2: Relating to Children
Chapter 3: Counselling Children
Chapter 4: Disciplining Children

Chapter 5: Programming for Children

Chapter 6: Teaching Truth to Children

Chapter 7: Devotional Activities

Chapter 8: Worship for Children

Chapter 9: Games for Children

Chapter 10: Children and Divorce

Chapter 11: Children and Abuse

Chapter 12: Relating to Parents

Chapter 13: Visiting Children

Chapter 14: Holiday Club Ministry

Chapter 15: Camping With Children

Written By: Mark Tittley Youth Pastor Honeyride Baptist South Africa
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