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Welcome to my cats & stuff page.


On this page, and a few others, I will put pictures of our cats, and some other pictures that we wish to share with our friends and loved ones who are somewhere on a remote spot on this little planet of ours.

Due to my "adventures"  on Yahoo chat, I've made a lot of friends, who are very loyal in visiting my page at least once a month (you are, aren't you?) so especially for those people (you know who you are) a very warm thank you, for having the patience with me to get to know me better, and for being friendly to a stranger, when he accidentally dropped into your chatrooms. I had never realized that you could be friends with people who you have never seen, yet feel a connection with, stretching over miles and miles, and traveling through a very thin telephone wire.... And still there are those that say that miracles do not exist!

Tommy (135825 bytes)

This is Tommy. Our biggest of the two cats. They both are pure Siamese cats, although I suspect Tommy of having a chicken somewhere in his ancestral lines. He is a very easily frightened cat. Every now and then he sits in the middle of the room, and starts to stare at you, almost as if to say "come on, admire me". I have heard a saying "3000 years ago, ancient peoples worshipped cats as gods. They still remember it." When this one sits on his middle-of-the-room-spot, you know this to be true.

Talya (135994 bytes)

This is Talya. Our smaller of the two, and a real explorer. The first day she came into our home, she immediately started looking around, and sniffing and checking things out. Tommy didn't go into one room where she had not been yet. She's very curious, and a little bit of a thief. If you are eating crisps, she eats them right out of the bag, given half a chance.

catsa1.JPG (162695 bytes)

Here are they both, taking up time with my wife. The cats are not serious competition, .......yet. When we are home, and sit down, it takes about .003 seconds before Talya arrives on a lap currently vacant, Tommy will wait a little until we're settled, and the music is on, and  after about a minute or 5, he'll take the remaining lap.

September 11, 2001. With sadness in my heart, I have said goodbye to Tommy for the last time. Because of an illness, he died on September 11th, a date we will remember for more than one reason.

Thank you Tommy, for your love, for bringing us laughter, and for being you. I sincerely pray to God that cats will be in heaven with us. And if not, that at least He has created a heaven for those creatures of His, that we love and that love us.

This is the page. If I'd put any more pictures in it, it would take too long to load. I'm afraid this may take a very long time anyway. I will expand the photo collection over time, and will also try and make some pictures of my little house, and the town it is in. It's nothing spectacular, but we think it's nice, and we call it "home".Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate any comments.

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