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Why the eagle ?


Good question.

Ever since God has started calling me home, I've been confronted with the eagle.

In songs, images, scripture, even clouds, everywhere was the image of the eagle.

I have heard a story, which may explain it a bit. I'll share it with you here :


It seems common knowledge in bird lovers circles, that the eagle is for birds, what the lion is for mammals. The King. What I heard, or read, I cannot remember, was that the eagle bears a resemblance to true Christian living. Those who choose for Jesus are "Born again". The eagle has a similar process : When it reaches the age of about 50 (!) it has a lot of stuff clinging to its beak. the eagle comes to a point, where the beak is so heavy that flying becomes increasingly difficult. The eagle then finds himself a quiet spot, gets rid of all the junk on it's beak, and tears out all his feathers. After a short while, the eagle is like new, and can last for another 50 years.



The person who is called by Christ to come home is, when he accepts that call, also born again. Jesus takes away all the junk that we have collected over the years, and gets rid of all the filth that clings to us like clothing. He then dresses us again, with clean life, washed by His sacrifice for us. The only difference is that after He has done that, we are ready for eternity in heaven.

If you like to know why I chose to follow Jesus, go to this link. It should be all you need.

This is just a small page, I hope it adds a little to what you may already know of me.

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The music you are hearing is "Rich Mullins - Awesome God"

The MIDI version does not really do the original any justice, you should listen to the original if you can.