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Use a photo gallery to put pictures on your Web Site you would like to exchange with friends and family. Photos of new homes, graduations, weddings, baby pictures, or anything else can all be placed here.


This is a picture I made with a Sony Digital Camera. I saw this bird (Vlaamse Gaai in Dutch) and thought it nice to make a picture of it. Seems it worked. This is a view from my back window, you see the view isn't very exciting, except the occasional visiting bird.

Here's a spooky picture of our late cat Tommy. I forgot to select the red-eye suppression, so this is the result. Think he's ready for a part in Nightmare on Elm Street 312?

Both of them in their hanging basket.... don't they look cuddly? Just wait until Tommy yawns... these teeth of his.. huge!

More cats and a memorial



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