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Why Jesus?

Why not?


Note on this page : this will not be updated. Any new discoveries or changes will be found on the main index page, or linked to from there.

On this image you'll see exactly the point why I go for Jesus.

He loves me. (You too, for that matter)

And people simply react that way, if someone loves them, they tend to love that person too! However, there is more...... Because of what He did for me, for us. Because we had chosen a path away from our Creator, He came to lead us back to that path. For we were created as human beings with a free will, a free choice, and a free life to lead as we see fit! God wanted our companionship, our friendship, not our simpleminded obedience. Sadly, ever since Adam, men have chosen a path away from God, thus creating room for the devil to operate, and basically make our lives miserable. Through the actions and thoughts of mankind, we have alienated ourselves from God.

But, just as it seemed we could get no lower, Jesus came to show us the right way, the way of love, compassion and understanding. Of friendship, of LIFE!

He did what could be described as the ultimate definition of friendship and love : He gave His life for us, so that we could live, and we could know who we were, who He was (and still is) and, best of all, to know God again, and His unending love for ALL humans. Basically the only thing you and I have to do is accept Jesus as our personal friend , and as the one who made it possible to live again, and forever, through His sacrifice of His own life for us!

That is why I chose for Jesus, whatever it may take. And I'm not perfect, I make mistakes too. But if you are honest about them, and feel a genuine regret of your past mistakes, just tell God about them, and ask Him to help you not to make those mistakes again. If you ask with sincerity, and openness to Him, He will help you, as He did and still does for me, and a lot of my friends today.

You may wonder how I came to be a Christian? Sometimes I do too, and then it helps to think about al that has happened to lead me back to Him that loves us most.

When I was about 6 years old, I had a very strong faith in God, that He was there for me, and that He would help me, if and whenever I asked Him to Help me. He actually did help me when I asked Him to do something for me. At the time a was at a school I didn't quite fit into, and while I could manage most of the time, we have something called a sporting day for everyone in the school. These were my "disasterdays". Unfortunately for us, the teachers preferred to have these "events" on an open air sports field, far away from school. I dreaded that day every year again, until I thought about God, if He really loved me, as my grandparents told me, He would help me get out of these sporting "events". So whenever one of these days came up (we had 2 a year) I got down on my knees and asked God if He could help me out and let it rain on that day. The records speak for themselves, it rained every sporting day since that first "prayer for rain".

But, when I got a little older, I sort of walked on a road next to God, but not with God, which I now regret that it had happened, but in those days I learned a lot of things I use  now, with the children in the church, with the people in the church, and in a lot of things I couldn't have imagined     if I tried. That period was from about 10 year old, till I was 24. For my school I visited a fair in the city  of Rotterdam, all about food and drink ( I was an Hotelschool student then) . On that fair I talked to lots of people, including a charming young lady who tried to sell me a cable subscription to a non-stop music station. We talked that day about 75 minutes, about almost anything you can think of, except the product she was supposed to be selling me. As you might guess, I got that young lady's address and , oh wonder, she only lived about 10 kilometers away from me (that is approx. 4 miles).  I wrote her a letter, and ( oh wonder again) she even reacted. We immediately agreed on a date for that evening, going to a movie, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. She had been touched by  God about a year before, but was not yet actively looking, that came later. In December of 1996 she felt the strong need to find a church for her own, to be able to find God, for whom she had been looking for some time now. She found the right church for her right away and attended there for about 3 months , when she decided to be baptized.  The service before the baptism service, they held a youth service, and because she said that the "oldies" stayed home because it would be too loud for them, I got curious. Too loud, in a church??????? I had to go and see. The service was really good, it was funny, rang true all the way, and somehow encouraged me to come again. (actually, I almost collapsed with laughter there. The preacher was really funny.)

After that day, I continued to go to church, the people were friendly, the coffee was free, and it just felt right. It was about a month later , I had the feeling I had some sort of free trial (you know, Try now, Free! One month real God! No obligation) and they held a youth service on a Sunday night. That night a person told  us about the last supper, and what it stood for, and invited those who wanted to go for Jesus to share the bread and wine (grape juice actually). I felt a strong need to participate as well, and did so, and was shaking all over afterwards. The next youth service on a Sunday night , a man told us about a television program he had seen, about the medical side of Jesus` walk to the cross. He told us in such detail, it was really painful just to hear what Jesus had to go through on that walk. After that speech, I decided that if anyone would go through such an ordeal just to save me (among others, of course. But he also did it for me!) that person had to be really special, and worth following! So I made a promise to God that I'd go for Him, and that satan had no longer any hold over me.

From that day on God has never ceased to amaze me, and never stopped teaching me. I hear people talking about thinking that God wants them to do such-and-such, but God lets me know, just through a feeling, an emotion, or simple knowing, what it is He wants me to do. Always He is there , to help me make the right decisions, and to choose the right paths in life. I'm not perfect, so I do fail sometimes. But He has a forgiving heart.

Glowing with His love, I thank you for visiting here.

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Note added April 19th, 2001 :

Recent study and investigation has led me to believe that the modern day church has either twisted the teachings of Jesus so much they are a far cry of what they originally were, or that because of what we have been taught, we have lost sight of the real Jesus, and more importantly , His true message.

I would recommend everyone to actively study the bible, especially that which Jesus Himself is teaching us!